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Please keep in mind the following:

  • Other than sharing your name, do not include any personal details about yourself or your financial situation/investments on any social media website under any circumstance.
  • Due to industry regulations, FCF is unable to accept any testimonials, positive or negative, on any social media website.
  • FCF is unable to provide any specific recommendations or investment advice regarding specific investment products through any social media pages.
  • As a client or otherwise, FCF does not use social media websites as a form of communication for any reason.
  • FCF cannot accept any request for any form of transaction or customer service inquiries through social media.
  • Social media websites are not secure, and everything you post on a site should be considered as open for public view; this includes any and all documents, message, texting, audio, or video.
  • Do not post any content that contains profanity or is offensive, abusive or unlawful.

By using the pages that FCF has established on various social media websites, you acknowledge that are irrevocably acknowledging that social media websites are owned by third parties and are not affiliated with FCF or any of its affiliates. Content posted by third parties is neither adopted nor endorsed by FCF nor does it represent FCFs views. FCF is not responsible for and does not control any content, advertising, or messaging that social media websites or their users may publish, on their sites or on any affiliated site. FCF may retain all posts made to social media websites and may republish or repackage those posts.

FCF reserves the right to remove any content posted by users of the social media websites in its sole discretion; and, comments are generally removed as regardless of the content as a general course of action when time permits.

FCF will discuss companies, economics, business, and various matters in public; however, nothing should be considered advice, guidance, or a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold individual securities or packaged products.

At no time will anyone with FCF ever use a social media website to contact you for business purposes. Do not reply to any request regardless of how legitimate it appears to be. Individual social media pages for staff are theirs and theirs alone. Nothing on any page of any site controlled by anyone affiliated in any way with FCF represents the opinions of FCF and is not a method by which any communication with FCF should take place.

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